Launch Chubby to a catcakes paradise

Gather as many catcakes as you can —in as few moves as possible— to gain gems. Use your gems to unlock cosmetic features like cat skins and trails to make your Chubby look unique or to unlock new worlds.

All forty levels are available for free! Micro-transactions are available in all levels to help you improve your play. Buy tracking power-ups to project Chubby’s trajectory and improve your playing precision!

  • Tons of

    Four enchanting worlds to begin with, containing a total of forty different levels to play.

  • Roulette
    mini game

    An exciting cake-roulette mini-game. Test your luck, spin and win goodies every day!

  • La la la,
    la la la

    A cl-awesome and catchy soundtrack to listen to while Chubby jumps around.

  • Customize

    Unlock five purrrfect cat skins and five trails, guaranteed to improve Chubby’s life.

  • Gem your
    way forward

    Use gems to unlock levels and to keep playing. All content is free!

  • Gather

    Do you like achievments? Are you a completionist? We've got you covered!

  • Cloud

    Save and keep track of your game progress with cloud sync integration.

  • Help a portly but frisky feline with c-attitude!

    Being the plump moggy that she is, Chubby uses her tail to catapult herself with purrrsuasion to various anchor points scattered around each map, happily devouring all the catcakes she finds on the way. A gaming feast and pawsitive fun for player and cat alike.

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